Modernization of Traditional Chinese Condiments via Electrospun Polymeric Nanocomposites

Wenlai Jiang1

Yutong Du1

Yuexin Ji1

Yangqi Zhou1

Ping Zhao1

Deng-Guang Yu1,2,Email

1School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
2Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center for High-Performance Medical Device Materials, Shanghai 200093, China


Soy sauce is a traditional Chinese liquid condiment with reddish brown color, which helps to promote appetite. However, how to provide efficient and convenient ways to use it poses a great challenge for researchers. In this study, a new concept shows that nanocomposites based on electrospun polymers can be used as a platform to promote the transportation and dissemination of Chinese traditional condiments. Soy sauce and spinning polymer PVP K90 can be dissolved in solution and dried by electrospinning technology. Electrospun  technology for transferring solution to solid nanofiber film (i.e. soy sauce loaded nanocomposites) was explored. This film was proved to be composed of linear nanofibers. The nanofiber film was processed into a single circular film with a diameter of 16 mm by a belt punch. We have developed a self-created method to reveal the solubility of soy sauce silk. The water drop experiment shows that when the film encounters water, the loaded soy sauce is released immediately, and the film is degraded rapidly. Based on the rational selection of polymer excipients, the  study aims to modernize many types of traditional Chinese condiments, including granular, powder, liquid and other types of dosage forms.

Modernization of Traditional Chinese Condiments via Electrospun Polymeric Nanocomposites