Electrospun Zein Nanofibers: From Food to Food

Wenlai Jiang1

Yutong Du1

Chang Huang1

Yuexin Ji1

Deng-Guang Yu1, 2,Email

1School of Materials & Chemistry, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
2Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center for High-Performance Medical Device Materials, Shanghai 200093, China 



Zein is a protein type biopolymer and a major by-product of the starch industry. Due to the increasing attention to the concept of sustainable development, its unique fiber forming characteristics highlight its potential as a biodegradable material, and Zein is increasingly welcomed by scientific researchers. As zein electrospun nanofibers have been developed in different research fields, the latest development of zein electrospun nanofibers in the food field needs to be reviewed. This review summarizes the development of zein in the field of food in recent years, and reports the current development of its application in the field of food analysis, food packaging, food manufacturing, etc. The potential limitations and challenges of nanofibers based on zein were also discussed. This review is the first to evaluate the latest application status of electrospun zein nanofibers in the food field from three aspects: food packaging, food product, and food analysis, providing a reference for interested scientific researchers.

Electrospun Zein Nanofibers: From Food to Food