Nanofibers-Based Food Packaging

Yibin Wang,1

Haixia Xu,1

Mian Wu1 

Deng-Guang Yu 1,2*Email

1School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China

2Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center for High-Performance Medical Device Materials, Shanghai 200093, China

* Correspondence: (D.-G.Y.)


Electrospinning is a simple and efficient nanofiber preparation technology. Due to their large specific surface area as well as the desirable designed properties like good biocompatibility, high porosity, effective antioxidant and antibacterial properties and excellent water permeability, electrospun nanofiber films have been more and more explored in the field of food packaging. In this review, the preparation conditions and basic methods of electrospinning technology are introduced. After that, the materials used in food packaging are sorted out and summarized, including electrospun polymers and active ingredients. Finally, the applications of electrospun fiber membrane for the practical packaging to different kinds of food, involving fruit, meat and mushroom, are concluded. The research and development direction as well as key research contents of electrospinning in food packaging are prospected.

Nanofibers-Based Food Packaging