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Bingyang Cao, Tsinghua University, China

Research Area: Non-Fourier heat transport and thermophysical properties in micro/nano-structures, including nanofilms, nanowires, nanotubes, graphene, polymer chains, etc., Thermal smart materials and nanocomposites with high or tunable thermophysical properties, and their applications in energy or micro/nanoelectrics cooling areas, Thermal management technology and theory in advanced technologies, such as nanoenergy, integrated circuits, laser, spacecrafts.

Ying Li, Texas A&M University, USA

Research Area: Nanomaterials, Solar Energy Conversion, Catalysis and Photocatalysis, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization, Energy Storage, Rechargeable Battery, Water Treatment and Purification, Air Pollution Control, Aerosol Science and Technology.

Executive Editors

Sharon Kao-Walter, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Research Area: Solid mechanics analysis of new materials and new designs in applications for the packaging and automotive industries etc.

Atsuki Komiya, Tohoku University, Japan

Research Area: Cooling, Peltier effect, biomedical engineering, biothermics, electronics packaging, heat sinks, microchannel flow, numerical analysis, patient treatment, probes, supersonic flow.

Fang-Fang Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Research Area: Carbon Materials; CO2 reduction; Energy Systems; Materials Science and Technology.

Habib M. Pathan, Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India

Research Area: Energy Materials and Devices, Solar Cell Fabrication, Material Characterization, Thin Film Deposition, Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials Synthesis, Materials X-ray Diffraction, Thin Films and Nanotechnology, Nanostructured Material Characteristics, SEM Analysis.

Lu Shao, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: Membrane separation, water treatment, CO2 capture, organic solvent nanofiltration, gas separations

Evan K. Wujcik, University of Alabama, USA

Research Area: Advanced Materials, Wearable Electronics, Bio/Nanosensors, Polymers, Nanofibers.

Wei Yu, Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

Research Area: Thermal properties of low-dimensional materials, thermal management, and energy utilization.

Xinyu Zhang, Auburn University, USA

Research Area: Microwave initiated ultrafast nanomanufacturing for hierarchical, multifunctional nanomaterials and nanocomposites: carbon nanotubes, metal oxides and chalcogenides Multifunctional polymer coating for anti-corrosion and anti-microbial applications Green approach to conducting polymer based nanocomposites for catalysis, sensing and energy storage applications.

Editorial Board

Deepak P. Dubal, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia

Research Area: Materials for Clean Energy Storage, Biowastes for Energy Storage, Recycling of Batteries, Wearable and Implantable Devices, Agricultural Waste to Energy.

Liying Jiao, Tsinghua University, China

Research Area: Controlled synthesis, characterization of low dimensional semiconducting materials and their application in nanoelectronics & Preparation of novel materials for energy research.

Zhongyi Jiang, Tianjin University, China

Research Area: Biomimetic and bioinspired membranes and membrane processes, nanostructured materials and enzymatic catalysis.

Yanan Liu, Donghua University, China

Research Area: Fourier transform infrared spectra, catalysis, chemical reactors, dielectric-barrier discharges, discharges (electric), dyes, microorganisms, oxidation, pH, plasma applications, plasma materials processing, scanning electron microscopy, sol-gel processing, wastewater treatment, water treatment.

Omid Mahian, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Research Area: Solar Energy Systems, Entropy generation and exergy analysis in energy systems, Heat transfer in Nanofluids, Solar stills, Studies related to Ethics and Scientometrics

Stéphanie Ognier, University of Paris, France

Research Area: Fourier transform infrared spectra, catalysis, chemical reactors, discharges (electric), dyes, oxidation, pH, plasma materials processing, sol-gel processing, wastewater treatment.

Junichiro Shiomi, Tokyo University, Japan

Research Area: Nanoscale heat and mass transport, Interfacial thermal and fluid engineering, thermoelectric energy conversion, thermal storage, electrokinetics.

Zhaoxiang Wang, Institute of Physics, CAS, China

Research Area: Design, synthesis and characterization of novel materials for energy conversion and storage in electrochemical devices such as lithium (ion) batteries and sodium (ion) batteries, the transportation of electrons and/or ions in the energy materials (cathode, anode and electrolyte materials), the impact of charge transfer on the structure of the material, with the purpose of constructing correlations between the structure and the electrochemical performances of the energy materials and building up new electrochemical systems.

Hongli Zhu, Northeastern University, USA

Research Area: Energy storage, advanced manufacturing, multifunctional bio-inspired material from nature; nano/microfabrication of devices and materials; bendable, implantable, and biocompatible electronics; application of sustainable biomaterial, like cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, in life science and engineering.

Associate Editors

Subramania Angaiah, Pondicherry University, India

Research Area: M-ion batteries, Supercapacitors, Dye-sensitized solar cells, Nanocomposites, Electrospun polymer membrane electrolytes for electrochemical energy devices, Corrosion and Surface Engineering, etc.

Zheng Bo, Zhejiang University, China

Research Area: Energy conversion and energy storage, Interfacial Thermaldynamics, Nanoscale energy and mass transport, Plasma Nanofabrication.

Renkun Chen, UC San Diego, USA

Research Area: Thermoelectric materials and devices, micro and nano-scale heat transfer, phase change heat transfer, and nanoscale energy conversion and storage.

Shougang Chen, Ocean University of China, China

Yubin Chen, Tsing Hua University, Chinese Taipei

Research Area: Energy Harvest and Conversion, Heat Transfer, Micro/Nanoscale Fabrication, Optics and Photonics, Thermal Radiation.

Yue Chen, Hongkong University, China

Research Area: Game theory, optimization, energy economics, integrated energy, systems transactive energy

Zheng Chen, Peking University, China

Research Area: Combustion and Propulsion, Energy, Alternative and Surrogate Fuels, Fire Safety, Flame Dynamics, Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism Reduction, Adaptive Simulation of Multi-scale Reactive Flow.

Jeffrey Cross, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Research Area: Online learning, learning Analytics, AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI in education, Engineering Education, Biofuels, Catalysts, Energy Policy.

Chuanhua Duan, Boston University, USA

Research Area: Exploring anomalous transport phenomenon in 1-D or 2-D confined nanochannels; enhancing ion/molecule transport in batteries and fuel cells using ordered nanostructured materials; improving phase-change heat transfer based on patterned micro/nanostructures; developing new nanofluidic devices for biomolecule sensing and separation, enhanced ion/molecule transport using ordered micro/nanostructures, for both fundamental understanding and practical applications in energy conversion/storage and biomolecular sensing/separation.

Sanjay R. Dhage, International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials, India

Research Area: Solar Energy Materials, Thin-film Photovoltaics

Cher Hon (Sam) Lau, University of Edinburgh, UK

Research Area: Carbon Capture and Separation Processes, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation.

Jiping Huang, Fudan University, China

Research Area: Soft matter and econophysics

Longhua Hu, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Research Area: Fire science, Fire and pollutant transportation under wind and its impact to environment, Urban/building (tunnel, metro, high-rise building) fire safety, risk assessment and sustainability, Fire safety and risk assessment of energy system, Buoyant flow dynamics, turbulent mixing/entrainment of fire plume, Combustion and fire behavior under extreme condition (microgravity, sub-atmospheric pressure…)

Kui Jiao, Tianjin University, China

Research Area: Fuel cell, thermoelectric generator and turbocharger compressor.

Peng Jiang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

Research Area: Developing novel thermoelectric materials and investigating nanoscale thermal transfer; Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of catalytic reactions by in situ characterization techniques.

Masamichi Kohno, Kyushu University, Japan

Research Area: Synthesis of carbon nanotube, Laser microfabrication, Thermophysical property measurement of Hydrogen/Solid material, Education, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer Measurement technology.

Yee Kan Koh, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Area: Physics of energy transport by phonons in bulk materials and nanostructures.

Bonjae Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Research Area: Nanoscale Heat Transfer, Thermal Radiation.

Guiqiang Li, University of Hull, UK

Research Area: Energy, Solar energy, Building Integrated Photovoltaic, Thermal Engineering, PV and PVT.

Mingjia Li, Xi’An Jiaotong University, China

Research Area: Carbon sequestration, High-efficient utilization of advanced energy system, Energy economics.

Javen J. Lin, University of Missouri, USA

Research Area: 3D/4D printing, Soft materials, Smart manufacturing.

Hu Liu, Zhengzhou University, China

Research Area: Flexible strain sensor, Compressible sensor, EMI shielding, Thermal insulation aerogel.

Jiurong Liu, Shandong University, China

Research Area: Lithium Ion, batteries, Supercapacitor, Electromagnetic Absorbent Materials

Xianglei Liu, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China

Research Area: Nanoscale heat transfer, Thermal energy storage, Solar fuel

Fan Lv, Tongji University, China

Research Area: Environmental science and technology, Microbial Ecology, Microbiology, Biotechnology

Ruitao Lv, Tsinghua University, China

Research Area: Advanced carbon materials, especially the defect engineering, surface chemistry of carbon-based nanostructures and their applications in energy conversion/storage and efficient sensing, atomic scale visualization of doping configurations in carbon lattices; electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage.

Oronzio Manca, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Italy

Research Area: Heat Transfer, Applied Thermodynamics and Energy, Nanofluids, Phase change materials (PCMs).

Liwei Mi, Zhongyuan University of Technology, China

Arvind Pattamatta, Indian Institute Technology Madras, India

Research Area: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Micro and Nanoscale Heat transfer, Two Phase flows, Turbulence Modeling and Simulations, Numerical Methods.

Oleg V. Prezhdo, University of South Carolina, USA

Research Area: Broad range of materials and molecules for energy and opto-electronics applications; non-adiabatic molecular dynamics and time-dependent density functional theory.

Gourisankar Roymahapatra, Haldia Institute of Technology, India

Research Area: Organometallic Chemistry, N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes, Application to Catalysis and bioactivity (anti-carcinogenicity, anti-bacterial and anti-tuberculosis study), Conceptual Density Functional Theory (CDFT).

Xiulin Ruan, Purdue University, USA

Research Area: Simulations of nanoscale thermal transport, Machine learning, optimization, and high throughput design, Thermal management in electronics, space, and battery applications, Transport phenomena in additive manufacturing, Nanomaterials and devices for sustainable energy.

Antonio Sellitto, University of Salerno, Italy

Research Area: Thin Films, Condensed Matter Physics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Materials, Material Characterization, Applied Thermodynamics, Thin Films and Nanotechnology, Thermal Engineering.

Xiaohui She, University of Birmingham, UK

Research Area: Smart building cooling and heating, Cold and heat energy storage, Fundamental mechanism of interfacial heat and mass transfer, Evaporation heat transfer.

Bai Song,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA

Research Area: Heat, Light, Energy, Nano, Bio.

Le Anh Tuan, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Research Area: Alternative fuels, mixture formation and combustion in IC. Engines, fuel consumption improvement methods, emission measurements

Xin Tu, University of Liverpool, UK

Research Area: Plasma-catalytic electrification technologies for decentralised Power-to-X processes, CO2 conversion and utilisation, CH4 activation, Nitrogen fixation, Syngas cleaning and removal of tars from biomass gasification to deliver clean syngas, Biomass/plastics waste to fuels and chemicals, Cracking of heavy oils to fuels and chemicals.

Sebastian Volz, CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), France

Research Area: Heat Transfer, Carbon Nanotubes, Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanostructured Materials, Radiation, Nanostructures, Thermal Conductivity, Materials, Condensed Matter, Physics, Molecular Dynamics.

Jinliang Xu, North China Electric Power University, China

Defeng Xing, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: Bioenergy, Microbial electrochemical technology, anaerobic digestion, Metagenomics, Wastewater treatment

Weifeng Wei, Central South University, China

Research Area: Electrochemical Energy Devices

Somchai Wongwises, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand.

Research Area: Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Two-Phase Flow, Thermal System Design.

Yue Wu, Iowa State University, USA

Research Area: Thermoelectricity, Nanowires

Charles C. Yang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research Area: Electrokinetics, microfluidics, heat transfer, colloid and surface phenomena.

Gang Zhang, Institute of High-Performance Computing, Singapore

Research Area: Thermal Management in Nanoscale computational material science.

Huiyan Zhang, Southeast University, China

Research Area: Biomass catalytic thermal conversion, Solid waste disposal and utilization.

Zhiguo Zhang, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Early-Career Editorial Board  

Tianli Feng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Research Area: Thermal Sciences, Data Sciences, First Principles, Molecular Dynamics, Energy Efficiency

Yin Gao, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Yanbiao Liu, Donghua University, China

Research Area: Photocatalysis, Nanotechnology, Membrane technology

Yu Ma, Université Paris-Saclay, France

Jong E. Ryu, North Carolina State University, USA 

Research Area: Large area manufacturing of metamaterials and integration with electronics; Design and fabrication of actively tunable metacomposite materials; and Multimaterial additive manufacturing. 

Xiaohu Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


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