Physico-Chemical Characteristics Natural Mud of Salt Lakes of North-East Kazakhstan

Alfira Sabitova1,#

Khafiza Akimzhanova,1,#

Binur Mussabayeva2,#,Email

Bulbul Bayakhmetova1

Orazzhanova Lazzyat1

Klivenko Alexey1

Nurgaliyev Nurzhan1

Elmira Yermoldina3

1Department of Chemical Technology and Ecology, Shakarim University, Semey 071412, Kazakhstan.
2Higher School of Natural Sciences, Astana International University, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan.
3Institute for Secondary Education Content, National Academy of Education named after Ybyrai Altynsarin, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan.
#These authors contributed to this work equally.


The article presents the results of a study of the physicochemical properties, mineral and elemental composition of the natural mud of Moiyldy, Tuzkala, Arasan, Shoshkaly, the eastern coast of Lake Alakol salt lakes of the North-Eastern region of Kazakhstan. Research on the composition of mud is one of the current trends carried out by scientists from different countries to identify compounds that cause their positive therapeutic effects. A review of the available data on the physical and chemical composition of natural muds in Kazakhstan showed the lack of systematic studies of the composition and structure of peloids in the North-Eastern part of the country, which are popular for their healing properties. The surface morphology, mineral composition, and physico-chemical parameters of natural mud were studied for the first time. The interpretation of the obtained data was carried out by taking into account previous studies of peloids from other regions of Kazakhstan, and a physico-chemical assessment of its therapeutic effect was given. According to the results obtained, the studied peloids are mostly salt-saturated muds with a pH range of 8.66 - 9.69. Peloids are characterized by a high content of sulfate ions and ammonium ions, which together have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. The mineral composition is mainly represented by fine-grained quartz and albite. All samples are characterized by a high content of bismuth compared to its clarke in the Earth's Crust, which indicates the need for monitoring control of the composition and studying the possible effects of using these native muds.

Physico-Chemical Characteristics Natural Mud of Salt Lakes of North-East Kazakhstan