An Overview of Cellulose Aerogel: Classification and Applications

Hongbo Gu1,Email

Xuying Huo1

Jingyue Chen1

Salah M. El-Bahy2

Zeinhom M. El-Bahy3

1Shanghai Key Lab of Chemical Assessment and Sustainability, Department of Chemistry, Tongji University, Shanghai, 200092, China

2Department of Chemistry, Turabah University College, Taif University, P.O.Box 11099, Taif 21944, Saudi Arabia

 3Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Nasr City 11884, Cairo, Egypt


As a green, abundant, and environmentally friendly natural polymer, cellulose has received continuous attention in environmental sustainability. Cellulose aerogel with 3D network, low density, high specific surface area, high porosity and biocompatibility have been widely applied in the adsorption and biomedicine fields. This review mainly focuses on the recent progress of cellulose aerogel. We have summarized the classifications of cellulose aerogels including bio-cellulose aerogels, nano-cellulose aerogels, cellulose derivatives aerogels, and regenerated cellulose aerogels. In addition, the functionalization of cellulose aerogel in the adsorption application for the oil/water separation is present in detail. Finally, the future development trend of cellulose aerogel is proposed. This knowledge will bring great impacts on the field and assist the researchers to seek the new functions and applications of cellulose aerogels in the future.

An Overview of Cellulose Aerogel: Classification and Applications