Optimization of Photovoltaic Characteristics of CIGS/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells

Jupinder Kaur1

Harshad D. Shelke1

Sandesh R. Jadkar1

Habib M. Pathan1,Email

Ravinder Kumar2

1Advanced Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
2Department of Electronics Technology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India



The effect of varying the thickness of Silicon window layer, the band gap of CIGS absorber layer and the temperature of the junction on the photovoltaic characteristics of CIGS/Si heterojunction solar cells is investigated. In this, context the photovoltaic characteristics and efficiency of the proposed solar cell were determined. The results suggest that as the thickness of the Si window layer was lowered from 0.5 µm to 0.1 µm the efficiency increases significantly from 5.43 % to 7.02 %. The highest value of efficiency obtained is 7.02 % with VOC value of 0.38 V and fill factor of 73.78 %. Also, it is deduced that the band gap of CIGS has significant effect on the photovoltaic characteristics. As the band gap is increased from 1.0 eV to 1.5 eV, the values of efficiency and open circuit voltage increase. Post 1.6 eV, the efficiency starts decreasing. Thus, it is inferred that 1.5 eV is the most suitable band gap value for designing solar cells based on CIGS. In addition, the effect of variation of temperature on CIGS/Si heterojunction was also studied. On increasing the temperature, the efficiency is seen to be decreasing. Therefore, the proposed solar cell opens doors for making better solar cells in the future with enhanced photovoltaic characteristics.

Optimization of Photovoltaic Characteristics of CIGS/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells