A Review of Advanced Mullite Ceramics

Romit Roy,

Dipankar Das*Email

Prasanta Kumar Rout*Email

Department of Material Science and Engineering, Tripura University (A Central University), Suryamaninagar, Agartala, Tripura-799022, India


Mullite is becoming one of the most extensive oxide ceramic materials for advanced structural and functional ceramics because of its remarkable properties. Such properties are low density, low thermal expansion, excellent creep resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent strength at high temperature, and good chemical stability. Nowadays, mullite has vast areas of application in various fields such as structural, electronic, optical, and high-temperature, etc. Mullite exists in orthorhombic crystal structure with the stoichiometric composition of 3Al2O3.2SiO2. This study provides an overview of the mullite's structure, properties, synthesis routes, various modern applications. Following a short introduction, this review paper focuses on the basic crystal structure of mullite. Secondly, this paper deals with various properties and applications areas of mullite ceramic, Thirdly, authors have listed different stating raw materials and various synthesis routes to fabricate mullite ceramic in table format and try to compile the research outcome by other researchers. Finally, the last part of the study is the various applications of mullite ceramics, mullite synthesis challenges, and waste material utilization.

A Review of Advanced Mullite Ceramics