Synthesis of Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2 Nanocarriers for Chemo-Microwave Therapy of Cancer Cells

Ye Liu,1 

Vignesh Murugadoss,2 

Bin Cui,1*Email

Dejian Tang,3 

Yangying Si,1 

Zewei Zhan1 

Lili Cui1

1 Key Laboratory of Synthetic and Natural Functional Molecule (Ministry of Education), Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Physico-Inorganic Chemistry, College of Chemistry & Materials Science, Northwest University, 1 Xuefu Ave., Chang'an District Xi'an, Shaanxi 710127, China.

2 Advanced Materials Division, Engineered Multifunctional Composites Nanotech. LLC., Knoxville, 37934 USA.

3 Key Laboratory of Se-enriched Products Development and Quality Control, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Se-enriched Food Development. An' kang Shaanxi 725000, China.

* Corresponding author. E-mail addresses:


The magnetic Janus ferroferric oxide & mesoporous silica ( Fe3O4&mSiO2 ) with heterogeneous structure was prepared by the hydrothermal method and the sol-gel method and served as the nanocarrier of anticancer drug DOX (i.e., adriamycin, DOX, C27H29NO11) . For the first time, microwave absorption was  applied to Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2 nanocarrier for the controlled release of drugs. Research indicated that the performance of the Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2 nanocarriers in microwave-thermal conversion was higher than that of core-shell structural Fe3O4&mSiO2 nanocarriers. At the same time, the cumulative DOX loading rate of Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2 carrier was increased to 36.40 wt% after 24 h. The drug release performance was obvious pH-dependent release behavior. After microwave stimulation at pH = 7.0, the drug release rate was increased significantly from 42.61 to 89.05 wt%. The MTT ( thiazolyl blue tetrazolium bromide ) assay was used to investigate the activity of the material on HeLa cells and the cell activity test of the nanocarrier under microwave irradiation. The carrier had a good biocompatibility and the Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2-DOX had ideal biological toxicity to HeLa cells. Therefore, this versatile pH and microwave dual triggering carrier will be expected to be further applied to drug delivery systems (DDS).

Synthesis of Janus Fe3O4&mSiO2 Nanocarriers for Chemo-Microwave Therapy of Cancer Cells