Emerging Agriculture Applications of Silver Nanoparticles

Sonali K. Kale, 1*Email

Gajanan V. Parishwad,2

Avesahemad S. N. Husainy3

Aishwarya S. Patil4

1Assistant Professor, Department of First Year Engineering, Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India

2 Principal, Pimpari Chinchwad Collge of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India

3Ph.D. Research Scholar, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

4M. Tech Research Scholar, Department of Technology, SPPU, Maharashtra, India


Agriculture farming is the foundation of most developing economies, roughly 60% of the population relies on agriculture. Indian farming division represents 18% of India's total national output (GDP) and gives work to 50% of the workforce of the nation. Research areas like crop disease detection, soil quality improvement, nanofertilizers and seed germination are still focused areas and researchers attracted towards it. To deal with this fascinating sector, Nanotechnology which is an interdisciplinary research field, is providing platform. For example, advancement in nanofertilizers, which are having high absorption efficiency into the targeted plant due to high surface to volume ratio. The use of phosphorus nano-fertilizers, absorption efficiencies of up to 90.6% achieved. Another beneficial aspect of using nanofertilizers is the ability to provide slow release of nutrients into the plant over a 40-50 days time period, rather than the 4-10 days period of conventional fertilizers. In the present article, we have briefly discussed application of nanotechnology in a agricultural perspective. Herein, we have summarized applications of silver (Ag) nanoparticles in crop productivity, crop disease detection, food packaging, soil quality etc for in agriculture.

Emerging Agriculture Applications of Silver Nanoparticles