Preparation of Selenium-rich Tea Set and Its Release Properties of Selenium in Water

Mingyu Di,1,†

Xiang Chen,1,†

Xiaoting Zhang,1

Ye Liu,1

Ilwoo Seok,2

Vignesh Murugadoss,3,*

Zhanhu Guo,4 

Henry Colorado,5

Li Meng,6 

Dejian Tang6 

Bin Cui1,* 

1College of Chemistry & Materials Science, Northwest University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710127, China.

2Mechanical Engineering, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas, 72401, USA.

3Advanced Materials Division, Engineered Multifunctional Composites Nanotech. LLC., Knoxville, 37934 USA.

4Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 37996, USA.

5Universidad de Antioquia UdeA, Calle 70 N°. 52-21, Medellín, Colombia.

6China Selenium Industry Research Institute, An' kang Shaanxi 725000, China.

These contributed equally to this work.

* Correspondence

E-mail: (Bin Cui); (Vignesh Murugadoss)


In view of few systematic studies on selenium-rich ceramics, especially the controllable preparation, analysis, and characterization of selenium-rich ceramics, the release rule of selenium elements is rarely reported in the literature either. Therefore, this paper uses ordinary soil samples as raw materials to simulate the selenium-rich ceramics' synthesis by adding a selenium source to study the selenium content of selenium-rich ceramics and the dissolution law of selenium. With the increase in selenium added, the selenium content in selenium-rich ceramics increased from 13.3 to 112.4 ppm. When selenium pottery was soaked in water, the release amount of selenium was gradually increased with the extension of soaking time. With the increase of sintering temperature, the selenium content in selenium-rich ceramics was decreased from 30.1 to 18.2 ppm, and the selenium release amount was decreased from 0.13 to 0.06 ppm when immersed in water for 48 hours. Therefore, by adding a selenium source, the selenium content in the selenium-rich ceramics can be controlled accurately and the leaching amount of selenium element is balanced and stable over time.

Preparation of Selenium-rich Tea Set and Its Release Properties of Selenium in Water