Thermal Modulation of Plasmon Induced Transparency in Graphene Metamaterial

Yuanlin Jia

Peiwen Ren

Junqiao Wang

Chunzhen Fan Email

Erjun Liang

School of Physics, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China


In order to obtain a dynamically adjustable plasmon-induced transparency (PIT) phenomenon in non-contact way, we theoretically and numerically investigate the thermal tunable PIT by taking into account electrons and phonons interaction in graphene metamaterial. The novel structure consists of two hollow square graphene and a rectangular strip in the right middle, each of them acting as a bright mode. To fully explore the physical origin of the transparency window, the Lorentz coupled oscillator theory is employed. Good agreement can be achieved with the numerical results, which further verify our calculations. To alter the PIT effect, the influence on the transparency window at different temperatures and polarization angles are elaborately examined. The bandwidth of the transparent window gets wider at a lower temperature and a switchable transparent window appears with the varied polarization angle. As a potential application in the slow light device, the group index and group delay are also calculated with the temperature from 60 to 500 K. Our proposed thermal tunable PIT structure may open up a new avenue in the application of controllable optical filters, switchers, and optical memories.

Thermal Modulation of Plasmon Induced Transparency in Graphene Metamaterial