Compensation Manipulator for Concrete 3D Printing Based on the CONPrint3D

Azamat Mustafa1,2,Email

Florian Storch3,Email

Kaiyrov Rustem1,5,Email

Paul Plashnik3

Frank Will3

Sagyntay Mukhagali1,2,Email

Zhumadil Baigunchekov4

Volker Waurich3

1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Satbayev University, Almaty 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan.

2RnD center, Almaty 050067, Republic of Kazakhstan.

3Professur für Baumaschinen, TU Dresden, Dresden 01062, Germany.

4Department of Mechanics, Al–Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty 050040, Republic of Kazakhstan.

5Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Robotics, Karaganda Buketov University, Karaganda 100001, Republic of Kazakhstan.



According to the CONPrint3D concepts, in order to improve the reliability of machine technology and expand the scope of 3D concrete printing, the printing system will be integrated into the truck-mounted concrete pump, which has the problem of insufficient positioning accuracy of the printhead. This article discusses a manipulator for compensation and positioning of the printhead from deflections of the boom of a truck-mounted concrete pump used as a construction 3D printing manipulator. The manipulator must compensate for the working area X ±300, Y ±300, Z ±250x mm (X – length, Y – width, Z – height). To solve these problems, a comprehensive literature review of manipulators (serial, parallel, and hybrid) was carried out. Manipulators were sorted according to several criteria: degree of freedom, number of actuators, leg designs; and working area and overall dimensions. Inverse kinematic problems are solved to determine the working areas and dimensions of the manipulators. Among the manipulators, Clavel's delta robot was selected and the direct and inverse kinematics problems were solved. To understand and predict the behavior of the Clavel's delta robot, a virtual experiment was made using dynamic modeling with the OpenModelica program.

Compensation Manipulator for Concrete 3D Printing Based on the CONPrint3D