Annual Best Paper Award

June 1 - July 30, 2020

Last Date of Registration: July 30, 2020

Annual Best Paper Award

To recognize the significant contribution to the development of our journals (Engineered Science, ES Energy & Environment, ES Materials & Manufacturing and ES Food & Agroforestry), the editorial board and scientific advisory committee will initiate the Best Paper Award from 2020 and announce the awardees on an annual base for each journal. The authors for the selected paper will be recognized and announced by the committee chair or Editor-in-Chief.

Procedure for the award selection:

1. The award should be made to an original high-quality research article that contributes significantly to science and engineering. The paper can be on the fundamental side and/or on the applied side. The emphasis is on the novelty and potentially high impact of the work in the relevant research field and beyond.

2. All editorial board members have one month to nominate his/her own favorite article for the year. The nomination will start from June 1st and end on July 30th.

3. An award selection committee will be formed to determine the best paper award based on the technical merit of the work.

4. The award will be announced each year, and an award ceremony will be held during Engineered Science Annual Meeting.

We thank you for your continuous supports to our Engineered Science Society.

Editorial board and award committee

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