Education and Research Foundation

  Released on January 3, 2023           

About the Grant

To advance excellence in the discovery of our human beings and surrounding ecosystems, as a nonprofit international Education & Research agency, the Engineered Science Society (ESS) established the Education & Research Foundation (ERF) in 2020. The ESS-ERF aims to support basic research projects in all science and engineering fields. The ESS-ERF encourages and supports graduate students and young scientists from all over the world to design better research studies and perform quality experiments, which would promote the progress of global education, core science, and engineering. We do hope that with the assistance of ESS-ERF, the young scientists and engineers can pursue their research ideas, improve their research capacity and gain key experiences in research.          

Criteria for Applicants

1.    The applicant should provide a personal CV in English.
2.    The applicant should provide a full-page research proposal, which should be original, feasible, and likely to have a significant effect on the related fields. 
3.    The applicant should not be supported in any form by ESS-ERF.

Application Procedures 

1.    The applicant must complete the application form.
2.    The application form must be signed by the applicant and the director of the applicant’s research department and stamped with the official seal of the research department.
3.    The electronic versions of the application form and materials must be sent to    

Key contact(s):
Mr. Annis Shaikh,

Engineered Science Publisher LLC