Copyright and Permission

Copyright and Permission

Copyright Transfer Agreement

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In order to expedite the publication process, the transfer of copyright from the contributor(s) should be clearly stated to enable Engineered Science Publisher (ESP) to disseminate your work to the fullest extent. The following copyright transfer must be agreed to the Engineered Science Publisher, 337 Gwinhurst Road, Knoxville, TN 37934 USA, as soon as possible after the manuscript is accepted for publication. The copyright to the unpublished and original research article, including copyright to the cover illustration, abstract forming part thereof should be transferred. By signing this agreement, the contributors (authors) warrant that the entire work is original and unpublished; it is submitted only to this Journal and all text, data, figures/tables or other illustrations included in this work are completely original and unpublished, and these have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere in any form or media whatsoever. Each author(s) agree to transfer all copyrights of this work to the Journal.

Contributor(s) is hereby transferred and assigned to Engineered Science Publisher for the full term of exclusive copyright and any extensions or renewals of that terms thereof throughout the world, including but not limited to publish, disseminate, transmit, store, translate, distribute, sell, republish and use the Contribution and material contained therein in print and electronic form of the journal and in other derivative works, in all languages and any form of media of expression available now or in the future and to license or permit others to do so.

  1. The contributor(s) explicitly reserve the following rights:

(a)  All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.

(b) Make photocopies of his/her own work for his/her own classroom teaching and research purposes, and use part of the article and abstract, without revision or modification in own personal compilations provided that (i) such print copies and works are not resold or disseminated by authors and any other recipient parties where recipients are informed that no further photocopying or dissemination of Article is allowed and (ii) reference to the original source of publication and the name of the Engineered Science Publisher as copyright holder is clearly stated on any use made of the article.

(c)  The right to use, figures/tables or other illustrations of Article (no text) in subsequent publications of the author's owns works provided that written permission is obtained from Publisher and that a proper acknowledgment is made to the original source of publication and to the Publisher.

(d) Any other use or reproduction in a collective work requires the permission from Publisher.

(e)  The right to grant or refuse permission to third parties to republish part of the article or translations thereof. However, the publisher except at the direction of the contributor(s) will not refuse such permission.

(f)  Engineered Science Publisher reserves the right to use all figures on any of its publication covers from the submitted manuscript. Each author(s) also grants Engineered Science Publisher the right to use his or her name and all biographical data in the article for its or the journal's promotion.

  1. If the article has been prepared by an employee within the duration of his or her employment, the employer reserves the right to make copies of the Work in print format for its own internal use or for promotional purposes only provided that proper reference is made to the original source of publication and to the Publisher. If the manuscript has been prepared as a work made for hire, both employer and employee should sign the copyright transfer.
  2. If the article was prepared under the U.S. Government contract, the transfer of copyright is effective to the extent that such copyright is transferable.


Each contributor(s) warrants that his or her research institution has fully approved the protocol for all scientific studies involving animals or humans and that all experiments of any kind were conducted in compliance with ethical and humane principles of research after approval.


The contributor(s) warrant that the work contains no unlawful or libelous statements and opinions and liable materials of any kind whatsoever, does not infringe on any copyrights, intellectual property rights, personal rights or rights of any kind of others, nor contains any plagiarized, fraudulent, improperly attributed materials, instructions, procedures, information or ideas that might cause any harm, damage, injury, losses or costs of any kind to person or property. The contributor(s) also represent and warrant that they have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement. All contributors are fully responsible for the complete contents of the manuscript. Each contributor(s) agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Engineered Science Publisher and the Editors for any breach of warranties under this agreement. The undersigned hereby transfer the exclusive copyright interests in the above cited manuscript to the Engineered Science Publisher, with the consent of all contributors.

Whenever publisher is contacted by third parties for individual permissions to use in a collective work, reprint for library reserve or classroom or otherwise, the undersigned Contributor's or employer's permissions will also be required.

This agreement should be signed by the Contributor(s) or in the case of multiple contributors, by at least one of the contributors who agrees to inform other co-contributors the full terms of this agreement and have their full permission to sign on their behalf.


Author(s), please tick mark kind of your work.

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