Sensor for Environment Monitoring

Sensor for Environment Monitoring

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Edited by
Mohd Imran Ahamed | Naushad Anwar | Shashikant Patole

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  • Published Date: 2023-09-15
  • Categories: Smart Sensors, Internet of Things, Environmental monitoring, Bio-health sensing

1. Sensors for Environment Monitoring: Electrochemical sensing of pharmaceuticals in wastewater

Jyoti Singh

2. Applications of Biosensors in Food Analysis

Abu Hashem, M.A. Motalib Hossain, Ab Rahman Marlinda, Khanom Simarani, Mohammad Al Mamun, Suresh Sagadevan, Mohd. Rafie Johan

3. Sensors for Environment Monitoring Two dimensional Nanosheets for Sensing Toxic Gases in the Environment: Computational Insight

Puspamitra Panigrahi

4. Sensors for Monitoring Toxic Chemicals in Aqueous Water

Arshi Amin, Jolly Xalxo

5. Sensors for the Detection of Humidity

Jolina Rodrigues, Mohd Arham Khan, Hira Lal

6. Sensors for the Detection of Biomolecules

Ummama Saeed, Batool Fatima, Dilshad Hussain, Muhammad Najam-ul-Haq

7. Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide Sensors

Rimsha Batool, Batool Fatima, Dilshad Hussain, Tahir Ali Chohan, Muhammad Najam-ul-Haq

8. Sensors for the detection of mercury in aqueous water

Joseph Merillyn Vonnie, Nasir Md Nur ‘Aqilah, Kana Husna Erna, Affandy Mohd Aqilah Mariah, Kobun Rovina

9. Nanoengineered based sensors for therapeutic agents

K. Aishwarya, S. Maruthalsamoorthy, R. Nirmala, R. Navamathavan

10. Sensors for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Hasina Najnin, Nisat Alam, Md Wamique Hossain, Parvej Alam Biswas, Waseem Ahmed Siddiqui, Maidul Islam


Dr. Mohd Imran Ahamed is a research associate in the Department of Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, and he has received his Ph. D. Synthesis and characterization of inorganic-organic composites heavy metal selective cation exchangers and their analytical applications from Aligarh Muslim University India in 2019. He has extensive research experience in the field chemistry more specifically material Science and sustainable chemistry with h-index of 13 and citation score of 531. He has published more than fifteen research articles in international journals and seventeen book chapters in books published by renowned international publisher. He has edited more than forty books for publishing houses like Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, CRC Press Taylor and Francis. He is the member of various editorial boards of the journals and serving as associate.

Dr. Naushad Anwar is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry, at Lait Narayan Janta College, L. N. Mithila University, Dharbhanga. He received his Ph. D. degree from the Department of Chemistry, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in 2017. His research topic was ‘Thermodynamics and Transport Studies of Ionic Liquids Mixture’. He has extensive research experience in multidisciplinary fields of thermodynamics. He has published nine research articles in international journals and fourteen book chapters and one review article in knowledge-based book editions published by renowned international publishers Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Scriveners. He also learned different computational models for fitting the experimental data.

Dr Shashikant Patole has been associated with Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU) since 2017. Before Joining KU he was an entrepreneur and Postdoctoral researcher at King Abdulla University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Saudi Arabia. In KAUST, he served as a founding member of the Laboratory for Carbon Nanostructures and co-founder of 'Graphene Crystal Startup Company. Dr. Patole earned his Ph. D. at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) in Suwon, South Korea in Nano Science and Technology in 2010. After his first class BSc in Science, at the University of Pune (UoP), India he earned M.Sc. in Physics, M. Phil in Physics. Dr. Patole's research interests embrace condensed matter physics, Nanoscience and technology, development and Commercialization of advanced quantum materials, structural components.

This book gives brief information regarding the two primary applications of smart sensors, i.e., environmental monitoring and bio-health sensing. The access is comprehensive and expects the complete scope of the subject thought from the fundamentals of the sensing mechanism, over-system implementation techniques, and energy issues to wireless connectivity solutions. The book is beneficial for post-graduate level researchers showing their interest in practical applications. Every chapter in the book is independent but complementary to each other, and the book works within the wider perspective of essential smart sensors for the Internet of Things.

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Sensor for Environment Monitoring
Sensor for Environment Monitoring

Mohd Imran Ahamed | Naushad Anwar | Shashikant Patole



$ 289.00
$ 289.00