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Volume 5

1. Qing Hao, Nanotechnology for Materials and Manufacturing Physics, Synthesis, and Devices, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 1-1.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f322.pdf

2. Yue Xiao, Qiyu Chen, Dengke Ma, Nuo Yang and Qing Hao, Phonon Transport within Periodic Porous Structures From Classical Phonon Size Effects to Wave Effects, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 2-18.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f237.pdf


3. Javier Vassell and Yuanbing Mao, Effects of CuO Nanoparticles on the Growth of Kale, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 19-23.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f212.pdf


4. Jingfang Yu and Luyi Sun, Facile One-pot Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Supported on -Zirconium Phosphate Single-Layer Nanosheets, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 24-28.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f223.pdf


5. Cristina Artini, Giovanna Latronico, Riccardo Carlini, Shrikant Saini, Tsunehiro Takeuchi, Seongho Choi, Angelica Baldini, Umberto Anselmi-Tamburini, Fabrizio Valenza and Paolo Mele, Effect of Different Processing Routes on the Power Factor of the Filled Skutterudite Smy(FexNi1-x)4Sb12 (x = 0.50-0.80; y = 0.12-0.53), ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 29-37.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f221.pdf

6. Yanmin Shen, Wenju Liu, Zehua Bao and Zhanhu Guo, Solubility and Solution Thermodynamics of Tylosin in Pure Solvents and Mixed Solvents at Various Temperatures, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 38-48.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f233.pdf

7. A. V. Mitkari and A. U. Ubale, Thickness Dependent Physical Properties of SILAR Deposited Nanostructured CoS Thin Films, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 49-56.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f231.pdf

8. Vijaya Jadkar, Amit Pawbake, Ashok Jadhavar, Ravindra Waykar, Subhash Pandharkar, Ajinkya Bhorde, Rahul Aher, Shruthi Nair, Bharat Gabhale, Ashish Waghmare, Dhirsing Naik, Priti Vairale, Suresh Gosavi and Sandesh Jadkar, Excellent Response and Recovery Time of Photo-Detectors Based on Nc-Si:H Films Grown by Using Hot Wire Method, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 57-64.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f236.pdf

9. Xiaoman Wang, Rulei Guo, Qinping Jian, Guilong Peng, Yanan Yue and Nuo Yang, Thermal Characterization of Convective Heat Transfer in Microwires Based on Modified Steady State Hot Wire Method, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 65-71.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f239.pdf

10. Ehsan Ghafari, Tommy Nantung and Na Lu, An Efficient Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting in Low Frequency Range, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 5, 72-77.

  Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f321.pdf

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