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DOI: 10.30919/esee8c386

Superior Thermal Dissipation in Graphene Electronic Device Through Novel Heat Path by Electron-Phonon Coupling

Author(s):  Ying Zhang, Yaping Yan, Jie Guo, Tingyu Lu, Jun Liu, Jun Zhou and Xiangfan Xu

PDF online: esee8c386.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c377

Efficiency Optimization in A Microscale Vacuum-Gap Thermionic Energy Converter with High Solar Concentration

Author(s): Yuan Wang, Shanhe Su 

PDF online:

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c380

Experimental Investigation and Numerical Validation on the Energy-Saving Performance of A Passive PCM Floor for A Real Scale Building 

Author(s): Jinming Shi, Xinyu Huang, Huichuan Guo, Xiaodong Shan, Zhilong Xu, Xiaona Zhao, Zhili Sun, Waseem Aftab, Chong Qu, Ruimin Yao, Ruqiang Zou

PDF online:

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