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DOI: 10.30919/esee8c326

Three-Dimensional Illusion Thermotics with Separated Thermal Illusions

Author(s): Xiayao Peng and Run Hu

We develop 3D illusion thermotics to design thermal metamaterials with separated thermal illusions for perfect thermal camouflage performance.

PDF online:esee8c326.pdf        esee8c326_Supporting_Materials.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c328

Thermal Illusion of Porous Media with Convection-Diffusionprocess: Transparency, Concentrating, and Cloaking

Author(s): Fubao Yang, Liujun Xu, and Jiping Huang

We propose a scheme for realizing thermal illusion (including transparency, concentrating, and cloaking) of porous media with convection-diffusion process.

PDF online:esee8c328.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c330

Macroscale Thermal Diode with High Transient Rectification Ratio

Author(s): Shiyao Huang, Jiawei Zhang, Meng Wang, Wei Lan, Run Hu and Xiaobing Luo

We develop macroscale thermal diode with record-breaking transient ratio of 50 and emphasize on the importance of the transient behavior. 

PDF online:esee8c330.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c332

Geometric Optimization of Radiative Enclosures using Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithm

Author(s): Shuangcheng Sun

A novel efficient tool is provided for the geometric optimization of radiative enclosures, which is significant to energy applications.

PDF online:esee8c332.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c333

Design and Analysis of Low Emissivity Radiative Cooling Multilayer Films Based on Effective

Author(s): Haiyan Yu, Haochun Zhang , Zanen Dai and Xinlin Xia

A kind of low emissivity radiative cooling multilayer films for a higher or variable temperature environment was designed and analyzed. 

PDF online:esee8c333.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c335

Non-imaging Optics for Improving Waste Heat Collection with Thermoelectrics

Author(s): Zeming He , Moo-Xin Foo, Derrick Yong, Ting Ma, Yong Hao, Hang Zhang and Ding Ding

We utilize the concept of non-imaging optics to design a compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) to enhance the capture of waste heat.

PDF online:esee8c335.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c336

Programmable Thermal Metamaterials Based on Optomechanical Systems 

Author(s): Zhengyang Zhou, Xiangying Shen,  Chenchao Fang, and Jiping Huang

A thermal metadevice is proposed by utilizing the optomechanical system, which canassemble multiple functions to one device.

PDF online:esee8c336.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c338

Thermal Modulation of Plasmon Induced Transparency in Graphene Metamaterial 

Author(s): Yuanlin Jia, Peiwen Ren, Junqiao Wang, Chunzhen Fan and Erjun Liang

Combined with electron-phonon scattering and Boltzmann transport theory, the thermal modulation of PIT is realized in our proposed graphene metamaterial.

PDF online:esee8c338.pdf

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