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DOI: 10.30919/esee8c338

Thermal Modulation of Plasmon Induced Transparency in Graphene Metamaterial 

Author(s): Y. L. Jia, P. W. Ren, J. Q. Wang, C. Z. Fan and E. Liang

Combined with electron-phonon scattering and Boltzmann transport theory, the thermal modulation of PIT is realized in our proposed graphene metamaterial.

PDF online:esee8c338.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c350

High-Efficient Photonic Thermal Rectification with Magnetocontrollability

Author(s): K. Y. Wang and L. Gao

We explore to rectify the radiative flux between two nanoparticles actively by magnetic field without the change of structure.

PDF online:esee8c350.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c353

Cooperative Spin Caloritronic Devices

Author(s): J. C. Lu, F. J. Zhuo, Z. Z. Sun and J. H. Jiang

We report a concept of cooperative spin caloritronics device, where cooperation between two or more energy channels can significantly enhance energy efficiency of spin caloritronic devices.

PDF online:esee8c353.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c361

Non-Singular Homogeneous Polyhedral Heat Cloak and Its Realization

Author(s): Q. X. Ji, X. Y. Chen, J. Liang, V. Laude, S.Guenneau, G. D. Fang and M. Kadic

Arbitrarily shaped homogeneous polyhedral cloaks were realized and the effectiveness was analysed.

 Homogenization of 3D thermal-metamaterials was sketched.

PDF online:esee8c361.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c362

Thermodynamic Performance and Optimal Analysis of A Multi-Level Quantum Dot Thermal Amplifier 

Author(s): W. Li, Yu. Y. Yang, J. Fu, Z. B. Lin and J. Z. He

1. A model of a three-terminal multi-level quantum dot thermal amplifier is proposed.

2. The rate of heat-pumping and the coefficient of performance (COP) are derived.

3. The impact of the asymmetric coupling strength, the heat leakage, the number of discrete energy levels and the discrete energy-level spacing on these performance parameters is analyzed.

PDF online:esee8c362.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c365

High-Order Exceptional Points in Diffusive Systems: Robust APT Symmetry 2 Against Perturbation and Phase Oscillation at APT Symmetry Breaking

Author(s): P. C. Cao, Y. Li , Y. G. Peng, C. W. Qiu and X. F. Zhu 

We present high-order exceptional points in diffusive systems with robust APT symmetry against perturbation and phase oscillation at symmetry breaking.

PDF online: esee8c365.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esee8c371

Anomalous Transient Heat Conduction in Fractal Metamaterials

Author(s): W. X. Lin, S. P. Huang and J. Ren

We developed a theory to study transient heat conduction in fractal media, which are ubiquitous as porous, composite, hierarchical-networked metamaterials.

PDF online: esee8c371.pdf

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