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DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f601   Research paper

Title: “Effect of a Vinyl Ester-Carbon Nanotubes Sizing Agent on Interfacial Properties of Carbon Fibers Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester”

Author(s): Zijian Wu, Lin Li, Ning Guo, Rongchen Yang, Dawei Jiang, Mingyu Zhang, Mingyan Zhang, Yudong Huang and Zhanhu Guo

Based on radical polymerization mechanism, Vinyl Ester-CNTs sizing agent effectively enhanced the interfacial adhesion of CF/UP composites.

 PDF online:esmm5f601.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f603   Communication

Title: “Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Low-Loss Li6Mg7Zr3O16 Ceramics Doped with Different LiF Additives”

Author(s): H. R. Tian, C. F. Xing, H. T. Wu and Z. H. Wang

Our work provided a facile strategy for lowing the sintering temperature ofLi6Mg7Zr3O16 by adding appropriate amount of LiF additions.

 PDF online:esmm5f603.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f605    Review

Title: “Development and Application of Hot Embossing in Polymer Processing: A Review”

Author(s): Jingyao Sun, Jian Zhuang, Ying Liu, Hong Xu, Jesse Horne, Evan K. Wujcik, Haichao Liu, Jong E. Ryu, Daming Wu and Zhanhu Guo

This article reviews recent advances of hot embossing method as a micro-nano manufacturing technology with wide application prospect.

 PDF online:esmm5f605.pdf

DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f606    Research paper

Title: “Multifunctional Lightweight Aggregate Containing Phase Change Material and Water for Damage Mitigation of Concrete

Author(s): Wenyu Liao, Aditya Kumar, Kamal Khayat and Hongyan Ma

Multifunctional lightweight aggregate makes concrete self-adaptive to internal desiccation and internal/external temperature fluctuations, enabled by phase change materials and water. 

 PDF online:esmm5f606.pdf

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