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DOI:10.30919/es8d805  Research paper

“Self-heating” enabled one-pot synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots

Author(s): Xiaoyu Ma, Wei Zhong, Jing Zhao, Steve L. Suib and Yu Lei

A facile heating equipment-free method is developed for one-spot synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) via exothermic crosslinking reaction enabled “self-heating” and further induced high degree of carbonization.

 PDF online: es8d805.pdf   es8d805_supplemental_materials.pdf

DOI:10.30919/es8d807  Research paper

Edge Oleylaminated Graphene as Ultra-Stable Lubricant Additive for Friction and Wear Reduction

Author(s): Shuang Zhao, Mingming Niu, Peng Peng, Yuanhui Cheng and Yun Zhao

We developed a practical method to massively fabricate graphene based ultra-stable lubricating addive for friction reduction.

 PDF online:es8d807.pdf

DOI:10.30919/es8d812  Research paper

Tunable Thermal-Response Shape Memory Bio-Polymer Hydrogels as Body Motion Sensors

Author(s): Hailong Huang, Lu Han, Yangling Wang, Zhongli Yang, Feng Zhu and Min Xu

An intelligent ionic conductive hydrogel sensor is prepared with outstanding sensitivity to body motion and controllable thermal-response shape memory property.

 PDF online:es8d812.pdf    es8d812_Supporting-Information.pdf




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