Engineered Science Publisher


Volume 6


1. Y. X. Zhang, S. W. Xie, D. Zhang, B. P. Ren, Y. L. Liu, L. Tang, Q. Chen, J. T. Yang, J. Wu, J. X. Tang and J. ZhengThermo-Responsive and Shape-Adaptive Hydrogel Actuators from Fundamentals to Applications, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 1–11.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d788.pdf

2. Q. B. Hu, J. Y. Lee and Y. C. Luo, Nanoparticles Targeting Hepatic Stellate Cells for the Treatment of Liver Fibrosis, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 12–21.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d507.pdf

3. R. R. Nie, Q. L. Wang, P. Sun, R. J. Wang, Q. Yuan and X. F. Wang, Pulsed Laser Deposition of NiSe2 Film on Carbon Nanotubes for High-performance Supercapacitor, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 22–29.

 Article HTML   PDF online: es8d668.pdf

4. J. C.Xu, Y. A. Hao, K. Bi, R. Zhang, S. G. Huang and J. Zhou, Microwave Orbital Angular Momentum Beam Generation Based on Circularly Polarized Metasurface Antenna Array, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 30–35.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d748.pdf

5. M. A. Waghmare, N. I. Beedri, A. U. Ubale and H. M. Patha, Fabrication and Characterization of Rose Bengal Sensitized Binary TiO2-ZrO2 Oxides Photo-electrode Based Dye-sensitized Solar Cell, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 36–43.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d145.pdf

6. A. W. Dong, Y. Q. Zhu, M. Y. Ren, X. Y. Sun, V. Murugadoss,Y. H. Yuan, J. Wen, X. L. Wang, Q. Chen, Z. H. Guo and N. Wang, Remarkably Enhanced CO2 Uptake and Uranium Extraction by Functionalization of Cyano-bearing Conjugated Porous Polycarbazoles, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 44–52.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d688.pdf

7. Y. L. Xu, Y. L. Li, L. Wei, H. Liu, J. H. Qiu and L. H. Xiao, Attenuation of the Aggregation and Neurotoxicity of Amyloid Peptides with Neurotransmitter-Functionalized Ultra-Small-Sized Gold Nanoparticles, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 53–63.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d778.pdf

8. M. Idrees, L. Q. Liu, S. Batool, H. B. Luo, J. Liang, B. B. Xu, S. Wang and J. Kong, Cobalt-Doping Enhancing Electrochemical Performance of Silicon/Carbon Nanocomposite as Highly Efficient Anode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 64–76.

 Article HTML   PDF online:es8d798.pdf

9. N. Shah, S. Aslam, M. Ul-Islam, M. B. Arain, T. Rehan, M. Naeem, M. W. Ullah and G. Yang, Fabrication of Thermally Stable Graphite-Based Poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid) Composite with Impressive Antimicrobial Properties, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 77–85.

 Article HTML   PDF online:ES8d758.pdf

10. M. D. Islam, H. A. Yassi, M. Y. Dong, D. S. Choi, I. Seok, C. T. Liu, Z. H. Guo and J. Eun Ryu, Hierarchical Assembly of CuO Nano-Dandelions on 3-D Printed Template, Eng. Sci., 2019, 6, 86–89.

 Article HTML  PDF online:es8d503.pdf





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