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Volume 4

1. Z. Q. Liu, Key Factors to Address the Issue of Global Energy and Environment Crisis, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 1-1

Article HTML  PDF online:esmm5f225.pdf

2. W. G. Lia, Z. Tang, V. W. Y. Tam, X. Y.  Zhao and K. J. Wang, An Review on Durability of Alkali-activated System from Sustainable Construction Materials to Infrastructures, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 2-19.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f204.pdf

3. S. Y. Li, L. Zhang, S. Shang, H. J. Zhou, J. X. Zhang, P. X. Wei, H. F. Xue, X. Hu and J. P. Wang, Synthetic of Polydivinylbenzene Block Hyperbranched Polyethylene Copolymers via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 20-24.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f218.pdf


4. Z. Q. Liu, X. Y. Yi, J. X.Wang, I. Ferguson, N. Lu and J. M. Li, Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Realization of Highly Effective Acceptor Ionization in GaN via Mg Co-doped with 4d-Element (In), ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 25-30.

 Article HTML  PDF online:esmm5f209.pdf


5. Y. Chen, Y. Wang, T. Su, J. Y. Chen, C. Zhang, X. X. Lai, D. W. Jiang, Z. J. Wu, C. Y. Sun, B. Li and Z. H. Guo, Self-Healing Polymer Composites Based on Hydrogen Bond Reinforced with Graphene Oxide, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 31-37.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f214.pdf


6. R. Li, W. Li, M. T. Liu, Q. Y. He, Y. Z. Wang,Q. Q. Zhan and T. Wang, Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical Properties of Cu-doped PbS Nanofilms, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 38-44.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f217.pdf

7. S. Tang, Using Pseudo-ZTs for Thermoelectric Materials Search, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 45-50.

DOI: 10.30919/esmm5f213 

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f213.pdf


8.  B. L. Wang, K. L. Wei, X. Mo, J. M. Hu, G. N. He, Y. Z. Wang, W. Li and Q. Y. He, Improvement in Recycling Times and Photodegradation Efficiency of Core-shell Structured Fe3O4 @C-TiO2) Composites by pH Adjustment, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 51-57.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f215.pdf


9. Y. F. Chen, L. Ding, B. Jiang, L. Liu, Y. Z. Du and Y. D. Huang, Excellent Gas Barrier Properties PET Film Modified by Silicone Resin/Sericite Nanocomposite Coatings, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 58-65.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f216.pdf


10. W. Z. Wang, J. K. Li, P. J. Ni, B. Liu, Q. Chen, Y. Z. Lu, H. Wu, B. Q. Cao and Z. M. Li, Improved Synthesis of Perovskite CsPbX3@SiO2 (X = Cl, Br, and I) Quantum Dots with Enhanced Stability and Excellent Optical Properties, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 4, 66-73.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f219.pdf    esmm5f219-Supporting_Information.pdf





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