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Volume 3

1. Nuo Yang, Nano-materials and Nano-manufacturing, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 1-1.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f206.pdf

2. Chang Liu,  Qichen Fang, Daoyuan Wang,  Chao Yan,  Faqian Liu, Ning Wang, Zhanhu Guo and Qinglong Jiang, Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes: Structure, Property and Fabrication, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 2-15.

 Article HTML  PDF online:esmm5f199.pdf


3. Chuanjiang Tang, Xiaoxiang Yu,  Gen Li,  Nuo Yang  and Jingtao L, Phonon Thermal Transport Properties of Graphene Periodically Embedded with Four- and Eight-membered Rings: a Molecular Dynamics Study, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 16-21.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f203.pdf

4. Haribhau Borate, Avinash Rokade, Subhash Pandharkar, Ravindra Waykar, Bharat Gabhale, Ajinkya Bhorde, Rahul Aher, Shruthi Nair, Priti Vairale and Sandesh Jadkar, Optimization of DC-Magnetron Sputtered Molybdenum (Mo) thin Film Electrodes for Electrodeposited CZTS Solar Cells, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 22-28.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f202.pdf

5. Jie Song, Yulei Wang and Jun Qiu, High Adsorption Performance of Methyl Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Hyper-branched Polyethyleneimine Grafted MWCNTs as an Adsorbent, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 29-37.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f193.pdf

6. Yu Zhang, Xingyu Li, Tianjiao Zhu, Shulan Ma, Huifeng Li and Genban Sun, Facile Fabrication Hierarchical Pore Structure Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13-xSrxO2 Nanofiber for High-Performance Cathode Materials in Li-ion Battery, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 38-46.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f201.pdf

7. I. A. Iwe, E. A. Gosteva, V. V. Starkov, D. M. Sedlovets and O. Mong, Anti-Glare Coatings Based on Porous Silicon Structures, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 47-51.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f197.pdf

8. Vikram P. Bhalekar and Habib M. Pathan, Strong Quantum Confined Lead Sulphide Quantum Dots using Ionic Reaction and Their Properties, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 52-56.

 Article HTML  PDF online:esmm5f205.pdf

9. Logesh Shanmugam, M. E. Kazemi and Jinglei Yang, Improved Bonding Strength Between Thermoplastic Resin and Ti Alloy with Surface Treatments by Multi-step Anodization and Single-Step Micro-arc Oxidation Method: a Comparative Study, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 57-65.

 Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f207.pdf

10. Lu Bai, Shaodi Zheng, Ruiying Bao, Zhengying Liu, Mingbo Yang and Wei Yang, Effect of PLA Crystallization on the Thermal Conductivity and Breakdown Strength of PLA/BN Composites, ES Mater. Manuf., 2019, 3, 66-72.

 Article HTML  PDF online:esmm5f195.pdf

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