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Volume 1

1. Q. Hao and N. Lu, Endless Frontiers — When Materials and Manufacturing Come Together, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 1, 1-2.

Article HTML     PDF online:esmm5f140.pdf

2. H. B. Gu, H. Y. Zhang, C. Gao, C. B. Liang, J. W. Gu and Z. H. Guo, New Functions of PolyanilineES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 13-12.

Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f108.pdf

3. Y. N. Feng, E. Witkoske, E.S. Bell, Y. Wang, A. Tzempelikos, I. T. Ferguson and N. Lu, Advanced Metal Oxides and Nitrides Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 113-20.

Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f116.pdf

4. Y.  Xiao, Z. H. Hong, G. Coleman, H. B. Zhao, R. G. Liang, P. Lucas and Q. Hao, Thermal Studies of Three-Dimensional Printing Using Pulsed Laser Heating, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 121-26.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f103.pdf


5. M. I. Adam and P. Mele, Modulated Rate (Time) – Dependent Strain Hardening of Ag/Bi2223 Composite Wire Flattened in a Low – Strength AgMg Alloy Matrix, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 127-34.

Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f102.pdf

6. C. Sekine, H. Osanai, K. Ikemori, R. Nakajima, S. Deminami, J. Sirimart and H. Gotou, In-situ X-ray Observation of Synthesizing Process for Rare-earth Transition-metal Pnictides under High Temperature and High Pressure, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 135-40.

Article HTML    PDF online: esmm5f105.pdf

7. S. X. Li, A. Jasim, W. W.  Zhao, L. N. Fu, M. W. Ullah, Z. J. Shi and G. Yang, Fabrication of pH-electroactive Bacterial Cellulose/Polyaniline Hydrogel for the Development of a Controlled Drug Release System, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 141-49.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f120.pdf

8. Y. Z. Fu, P. H. Zhao, L. X. Yang, R. Z. Miao, C. Y. Zhang, Z. H. Guo, and Y. Q. Liu, Effect of Cocrystal Behavior on Sensitivity and Thermal Decomposition Mechanisms of CL-20/HMX via Molecular Dynamics Simulations, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 150-56.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f126.pdf

9. Pengkun Hou, Ran Li, Qinfei Li, Na Lu, Kejin Wang, Mingle Liu, Xin Cheng and Surendra Shah, Novel Superhydrophobic Cement-based Materials Achieved by Construction of Hierarchical Surface Structure with FAS/SiO2Hybrid Nanocomposites, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 157-66.

Article HTML    PDF online:esmm5f125.pdf

10. X. C. Zhao, P. Yang, L.J. Yang, Y. Cheng, H. Y. Chen, H. Liu, G. Wang, V. Murugadoss, S. Angaiah and Z. H. Guo, Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Cu2+ doped TiO2 Nanoparticles for Lithium-ion Battery, ES Mater. Manuf., 2018, 167-71.

Article HTML   PDF online:esmm5f109.pdf

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