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Volume 3

1. J. M. Pfotenhauer, Recent Developments in Cryogenic Pulsating Heat Pipes, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 1-3.

Article HTML  PDF online: esee8c215.pdf

2. Minye Luo and Dong Liu, Pollutants Emissions of CO and Soot from Flame-wall Interactions in Fundamental and Practical Energy Conversion Systems: A Review, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 4-24.

Article HTML  PDF online:esee8c218.pdf

3. Saima G Sayyed, Mahadeo A Mahadik, Arif V Shaikh, Jum Suk Jang and Habib M Pathan, Nano-Metal Oxide Based Supercapacitor Via Electrochemical Deposition, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 25C44.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c211.pdf

4. Mingxiang Hu, Qian Lv and Ruitao Lv, Controllable Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Oxide by Tablet-Sintering for Efficient Lithium/Sodium-Ion Storage, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 45C54.

 Article HTML  PDF online:esee8c212.pdf    esee8c212-Supporting-Information.pdf

5. Yejing Li, Xuefeng Wang, Zhaoxiang Wang and Liquan Chen, Facile Synthesis of SnO2 Nanorods for Na-Ion Batteries, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 55C59.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c198.pdf

6. Chaitali V. Jagtap, Vishal S. Kadam, Sandesh R. Jadkar and Habib M. Pathan, Performance of N3 Sensitized Titania Solar Cell under Artificial Light Ambience, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 60C67.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c220.pdf    esee8c220-Supporting-Information.pdf

7. Hao Wu, Yajin Li, Huimin Liu and Dehua He, High-Pressure Catalytic Kinetics of CO2 Reforming of Methane Over Highly Stable NiCo/SBA-15 Catalyst, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 68C73.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c201.pdf

8. Yatao Ren, Qin Chen,  Hong Qi  and Liming Ruan, Hot Spot Effect of Optical Nanoantenna to Enhance Localized Photothermal Conversion, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 74C79.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c178.pdf

9. Xueliang Zhu,  Pengfei Liu,  Hao Gao,  Guofeng Xie  and Baotian Wang, Thermoelectric Properties of Hexagonal WN6 from First-Principles Calculations, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 80C87.

Article HTML   PDF online:esee8c213.pdf    esee8c213-Supporting-Information.pdf

10.Tao Ouyang, Qingyi Liu, Mingxing Chen, Chao Tang, Jin Li, Chunxiao Zhang, Chaoyu He, Hua Bao, Jianxin Zhong and Ming Hu, Doping Induced Abnormal Contraction and Significant Reduction of Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Open Framework Si24, ES Energy Environ., 2019, 3, 88C95.

Article HTML  PDF online:esee8c210.pdf

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