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1. H. Zhang, K. Hippalgaonkar, T. Buonassisi, O. M. Løvvik, E. Sagvolden and D. Ding, Machine Learning for Novel Thermal-Materials Discovery: Early Successes, Opportunities, and Challenges, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 1-8.

Article HTML     PDF online:esee8c209.pdf

2. P. Peng, A. Yu, J. W. Ren and F. F. Li, Electrolytic Carbons from CO2 and Their Applications, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 9-20.

Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c205.pdf

3. J. D. Desai, P. K. Baviskar, K. N. Hui and H. M. Pathan, Quadrivalently Doped Hematite Thin Films for Solar Water Splitting, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 21-30.

 Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c208.pdf

4. C. Q. Liu, M. Chen, W. Yu and Y. He, Recent Advance on Graphene in Heat Transfer Enhancement of Composites, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 31-42.

 Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c191.pdf

5. E. Z. Shi, T. L.Feng, J. H. Bahk, Y. Pan, W. Zheng, Z.  Li, G. J. Snyder, S. T. Pantelides and Y. Wu, Experimental and Theoretical Study on Well-Tunable Metal Oxide Doping Towards High-Performance Thermoelectrics, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 43-49.

Article HTML       PDF online:esee8c182.pdf

6. X. T. Wen, X. Q. Cao, P. F. Yu and J. Yu, Experimental Research on a Novel Solution Regeneration System for Heat Source tower Based on Vacuum Boiling and Condensation, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 50-57.

 Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c175.pdf

7. G. F. Pan, A. E. Kasmi and Z. Y. Tian,Low-temperature Oxidation of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene over Copper Oxide Fim Catalyst Using a New Catalytic Jet-stirred Reactor, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 58-65.

Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c185.pdf

8. L. Qiu, P. Guo, H. Y. Zou, Y. H. Feng, X. X. Zhang, S. Pervaiz and D. S. Wen, Extremely Low Thermal Conductivity of Graphene Nanoplatelets Using Nanoparticle Decoration, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 66-72.

 Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c139.pdf

9. H. Q. Chu, W. W. Han, F. Ren, L. K. Xiang, Y. Wei and C. Zhang, Flame Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes on Different Substrates in Methane Diffusion Flames, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2,73-81.

Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c165.pdf


10. J. Hou, L. Fan, M. Y. Zhou, X. F. Zhu, X. L. Li, J. Guan, G. L. Gao and F. Y. Fu,Combined Electrokinetic and Flushing Remediation of Multiple Heavy Metals Co-contaminated Soil Enhanced with Acid Treatmen, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 2, 82-89. 

Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c132.pdf

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