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 Article HTML     PDF online:esee8c156.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c149.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c160.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c145.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c140.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c126.pdf

8. A.Zhang, X. Y. Yin, X.Shen and Y. A. Liu,Removal of Fluticasone Propionate and Clobetasol Propionate by Calcium Peroxide: Synergistic Effects of Oxidation, Adsorption, and Base Catalysis, ES Energy Environ., 2018, 1, 89-98.

Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c137.pdf

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Article HTML      PDF online:esee8c153.pdf

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Article HTML     PDF online:esee8c142.pdf

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