Engineered Science Publisher


Volume 3


1. Q. Jiang, W. Yu, A. Mosleh, C. Liu, D. Wang, X. Tu, Y. Liu, G. Wangila, S. Ognier, B. Cao, Z. Guo and B. J. Ewards, Environment, energy, sustainability: journal- ES Energy & Environment, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 1-4.

 Article HTML    PDF online:es8d746.pdf

2. B. Zhao, J. Deng, R. Zhang, L. Liang, B. Fan, Z. Bai, G. Shao and C. B. Park, Recent advances on the electromagnetic wave absorption properties of Ni based materials, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 5-40.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d735.pdf

3. B. J. Edwards, A. Wang, C. N. Edwards, and H. Yin, Accuracy of the single-mode model of controlled release from hollow porous nanospheres, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 41-47.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d742.pdf   es8d742Supporting information.pdf

4. M. M. Tavakoli, D. Prochowicz, P. Yadav, R. Tavakoli and M. Saliba, Zinc stannate nanorod as an electron transporting layer for highly efficient and hysteresis-less perovskite solar cells, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 48-53.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d749.pdf   es8d749Supporting Information.pdf

5. H. Yu, L. Yang, D. Cheng and D. Cao, Zeolitic-imidazolate framework (ZIF)@ZnCo-ZIF core-shell template-derived Co, N-doped carbon catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 54-61.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d729.pdf   es8d729Supporting information.pdf

6. L. Wei, K. Lozano and Y. Mao, Microwave popped Co(II)-graphene oxide hybrid: bifunctional catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction and hydrogen storage, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 62-66.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d723.pdf

7. M. Zhang, M. Dong, S. Chen and Z. Guo, Slippery liquid-infused porous surface fabricated on aluminum maintain stable corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 67-76.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d732.pdf

8. X. Xiang, F. Pan and Y. Li, Flower-like bismuth metal-organic frameworks grown on carbon paper as a free-standing electrode for efficient electrochemical sensing of Cd2+ and Pb2+ in water, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 77-83.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d736.pdf   es8d736-Supporting-Information.pdf

9. C. Zhai, H. Yin, A. Wang and J. Li, Isomerization and redistribution of 2,5-dichlorotoluene catalyzed by AlCl3 and isomerization thermodynamics, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 84-88.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d738.pdf

10. X. Li, W. Zhao, R. Yin, X. Huang and L. Qian, A highly porous polyaniline-graphene composite used for electrochemical supercapacitors, Eng. Sci., 2018, 3, 89-95.

 Article HTML     PDF online:es8d743.pdf

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