Engineered Science Publisher


Volume 2


1. W. Yu, C. Liu, L. Qiu, P. Zhang, W. Ma, Y. Yue, H. Xie and L. S. Larkin, Advanced thermal interface materials for thermal management, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 1-3.

Article HTML   PDF online:es8d710.pdf

2. S. Xie, X. Zhang, M. P. Walcott and H. Lin, Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) applications: a review, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 4-16.

Article HTML   PDF online:es1803302.pdf

3. H. Wu, X. Huang and L. Qian, Preparation, Mechanism and Property of Metacomposites with Carbon Materials as Fillers, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 17-25.

Article HTML   PDF online:es8d656.pdf

4. L. Lv, J. Liu, H. Liu, C. Liu, Y. Lu, K. Sun, R. Fan, N. Wang, N. Lu, Z. Guo and E. K. Wujcik, An overview of electrically conductive polymer nanocomposites toward electromagnetic interference shielding, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 26-42.

Article HTML   PDF online:es8d615.pdf

5. H. Hu, H. Liu, D. Zhang, J. Wang, G. Qin and X. Zhang, pH and electromagnetic dual-remoted drug delivery based on bimodal superparamagnetic Fe3O4@porous silica nanoparticles, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 43-48.

Article HTML   PDF online:es8d136.pdf

6. D. Wu, X. Zhang, J. Zhu and D. Cheng, Concerted catalysis on tanghulu-like Cu@zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8) nanowires with tuning catalytic performances for 4-nitrophenol reduction, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 49-56.

Article HTML   PDF online:es8d718.pdf  es8d718-Supporting-Information.pdf

7. H. Zhao, L. Chen, J. Yun, L. Tang, Z. Wen, X. Zhang and J. Gu, Improved thermal stabilities, ablation and mechanical properties for carbon fibers/phenolic resins laminated composites modified by silicon-containing polyborazine, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 57-66.

Article HTML  PDF online:es8d726.pdf  es8d726-Supporting-Information.pdf

8. B. Yu, X. Li, J. An, Z. Jiang and J. Yang, Interfacial and glass transition properties of surface-treated carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites under hygrothermal conditions, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 67-73.

Article HTML  PDF online:es8d628.pdf

9. L. Liu, P. Bernazzani, W. Chu, S. Luo, B. Wang and Z. Guo, Polyelectrolyte assisted preparation of nanocatalysts for CO2 methanation, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 74-81.

Article HTML  PDF online:es8d637.pdf

10. Z. Luo, X. Fan, Y. An, Y. Hu and F. Zhang, Stabilization and metallic to semiconducting transition in 2D boron sheet, Eng. Sci., 2018, 2, 82-87.

Article HTML  PDF online:es8d142.pdf

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