Call for Papers

  Released on May 14, 2020            Jing Yang

Special Section on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guided Material Design and Manufacturing Process”  

Call for Papers


This special section of ES Materials & Manufacturing is dedicated to publishing high-quality and original research in interdisciplinary topics about Artificial intelligence (AI) guided material design and manufacturing process. The main objective of this Special Issue is to publish outstanding papers presenting cutting-edge advances in the field of Materials design & processing and Manufacturing Engineering utilizing emerging AI technologies.

The journal aims to explore the evolution of traditional manufacturing models towards the new requirements of the Manufacturing Industry 4.0 and how manufacturing professionals should face the resulting competitive challenges, in the context of using data science and AI technologies. Contributions to emerging machine learning methods and AI technologies will have special relevance within this Special Issue.

Interdisciplinary research areas include but are not limited to the following:

  1. ·     Additive manufacturing of metals
  2. ·     Nano-material
  3. ·     Building material design
  4. ·     Composite material design
  5. ·     Processing-microstructure-properties relationships
  6. ·     Design of energy-storage devices
  7. ·     Bioengineering design

 All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Peer review will commence immediately upon manuscript submission, with a goal of making the first decision within four weeks of manuscript receipt. Manuscripts should be submitted through the Manuscript Tracking System at

Manuscript submission deadline: 

August 31, 2020

 Guest Editor:

Guang Lin, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA

Email: [email protected]

Qiang Zhou, Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering, University of Arizona, USA

Email: [email protected]


About ES Materials & Manufacturing

Aims and Scope

ES Materials & Manufacturing is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed international research journal incorporating research activities in all experimental and theoretical aspects of materials and manufacturing. The research topics include the most exciting and significant advances in all areas of materials research and their related manufacturing process. Both fundamental and applied studies are encouraged, e.g., functional materials for energy-, optics-, and electronics- related applications, biomaterials, structural materials, advanced manufacturing, chemical/physical processes during materials synthesis or manufacturing, and computational materials science. This journal specializes in cutting-edge research with the mission of providing sustained value in the evolving world of academic and industrial fields.


ES Materials & Manufacturing is led by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Na (Luna Lu) at Purdue University, USA. Aninternational Editorial Committee of Associate Editors recommend decisions tothe Editor-in-Chief and a broad subject- and geographically-based Advisory Editorial Board, composed of leading Materials & Manufacturing researchers from around the world, supports the management of the journal.


ES Materials & Manufacturing accepts the manuscripts in the following formats:

  1. Full Paper
  2. Communication/Letters
  3. Review Articles (Authoritative and Comprehensive)
  5. Personal Account

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